Georgia Cable Association

Cable's Voice

The Georgia Cable Association is the voice of the cable industry in Georgia.

Founded in 1968 in Dublin, GA, GCA represents the cable industry to policymakers at the state and federal level. We also serve as a resource for cable companies and their employees.

The Association has 5 members that serve approximately 2 million households in Georgia with voice, video and/or high speed internet.

GCA has a 13 member board of directors with members representing large and small systems across the state.  The board members are responsible for approving the organization’s policies and legislative agenda, as well as setting the goals and budget for the organization.

Stephen Loftin is GCA's Executive Director, a position he has held since 2009. Staff members are responsible for implementing the board’s vision for the organization as outlined in the annual goals, managing the organizations day to day activities and coordinating the group’s legislative and grassroots outreach.

Phone: (678) 540-7673