Delivering Value, Choice and Service.

The world of communications has changed dramatically in just the last few years. Cable, telecommunications and satellite companies are all competing to offer you video, voice and high-speed internet service. Bundling these services has saved residential and small business consumers millions of dollars, even as the offerings and options available to consumers increase each year. 

In today’s digital age, the distinction is the amount of data that can be pushed over the wire or through the air, and there is no faster service than cable. Most of the communities served by cable in Georgia now have access to gigabit download speeds! Cable’s ongoing investments in its network means the industry will continue to deliver the fastest internet and be ready to handle the future applications today's innovators are dreaming up.

Reliability and service are critical to creating value for customers. Cable companies have invested millions in new technology to speed up service calls and ensure that time commitments are met. Gone are the days when service technicians rolled out with a list of customers to call upon that day. High tech “control” centers, hand-held devices and computer controlled set top boxes allow cable companies to fix issues in real time over the phone and adjust to conditions on the fly, moving techs to different areas if backlogs develop during the day.

If you are having service issues, the Georgia Cable Association is here to help! We run the Cable Helpline which works with the companies to assist consumers in getting things right. You can email us or call 678-265-8497 and we'll work with you on getting the issue resolved.