Innovations and Investment – Cable Delivers.

The fastest internet. More choices, including HD, 3D and on demand programming. Investments in people and communities. Georgia’s cable providers are delivering all of this and more.

From its start as a way to get better reception for television, the cable industry has been focused on bringing new technology and more value to consumers, all through private investment. New technology pioneered by cable includes high-speed internet (also known as broadband), On Demand programming, Voice over Internet telephone service, and that’s just the start. These innovations have saved consumers millions of dollars while delivering more choices and flexibility in how we watch TV, how we communicate and how we stay informed.

Cable connects schools, hospitals, businesses and people in communities large and small, across Georgia and to the world. These investments help create jobs and provide revenue for our local and state governments. Cable partners with the communities we serve, investing in programs and charities that educate our youth, provide help for the less fortunate and bring the benefits of technology to more people.