Cable Wi-Fi Enabling Next Generation Video Technology

I’ve been surprised that more hasn’t been made of the explosive growth in cable Wi-Fi.

There are now over 250,000 cable Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and 16,000 of those are in Georgia. The technology allowing this rapid expansion is interesting because it takes a private Wi-Fi and pairs it with “public” Wi-Fi without degrading the private Wi-Fi subscriber’s experience.

So what does this explosion in Wi-Fi mean for a cable subscriber?

For most subscribers, it means you can take your cable broadband with you when you travel. Five of the largest cable companies (Comcast Xfinity, Cox, Time Warner, Optimum and Brighthouse) have an agreement to allow customers from the other four companies to log onto their Wi-Fi networks for free. So an Xfinity customer in Atlanta can drive to Macon and use Cox public Wi-Fi for free and vice versa.

And of course it’s not limited to Georgia. That same customer could fly to Phoenix and use the network free there and anywhere else one of the partners in the program serves. This expands the value of the internet subscription for that cable consumer by leaps and bounds (literally).

But what’s really cool is the new technology that the cable Wi-Fi platform is going to unleash. How about a set of earphones that fold down to give you a theater like experience from your mobile device? No more squinting at a screen you hold in your palm, you’ve got it beaming into your eyes. Watch this video from Cable Labs Innovation showcase winner Avegant to learn more about this amazing technology:

Lifelike video streaming to your device and directly into your vision is going to require a robust Wi-Fi experience backed up by a very fast broadband network. Cable is helping make the next generation of mobile video a reality.

by Stephen Loftin, Executive Director